Hi, I am Jim Godbold and very proud to give everyone who has seen me the feeling of reliving the thrill of The King of Rock and Roll, ELVIS. When Elvis died on August.16, 1977, we were all saddened by the loss of such a great performer. Shortly there after, I grew my sideburns at the age of 22 and started being called Elvis by strangers and friends alike. At first I didn' know what to think, but quickly took it as a compliment. After many years of family and friends encouraging me, I finally took to the stage. It was a cloudy September afternoon when my family and I went to the county fair to see some Elvis look-a-likes. My family persuaded me to enter the contest. Little did I know I would be the only one. After a lot of cheering from the crowd, I agreed to get on stage. I was wearing jeans and an Elvis tee-shirt. Soon the crowd were clapping and screaming for more. Since then I have performed on cruise ships, at weddings, holidays, telethons for Cerebral Palsy, American Cancer society galas, walks for The March of Dimes, Calvert County Fair and numerous private shows. I have been on national television during the November 9, 2003 Redskins/Seattle game with GOOSE. I have appeared with the Hoggettes to raise money for children’s charities. My personal favorite was when I performed live in Graceland for the 25th anniversary of Elvis’ death. I love the charities I help each year as giving back is very important to me. Love to all, Jim
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